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Meet our selection of Current Artists who are producing the most exciting artwork around. From fine art photography to striking digital collage works they offer a contemporary lens to each of their crafts.

Sharon Jane

Sharon Jane D is an Amsterdam-based independent photographer.

Experimental in practice Sharon Jane's work evokes the visualisation of ideas through images, frameworks, or capturing motion.
Anchored in an instinctive drive to build sustainable connections through visual language, her work is always raw and authentic. She translates the beauty and light of everyday life and is inspired by people, palettes, and places. Through her work, she researches transcultural and societal dynamics with a daily goal of expressing art and respect for other perspectives.

Julianne Vallotton

Digital photographs by Julianne Vallotton, photographer and interior designer based in Amsterdam by way of Philadelphia and San Francisco.

She is drawn to capturing places, spaces, and moments that transcend time and make the innate human spirit sing - those that bring out the inner child within us all and strip the human experience down to its purest, most unadulterated form.

Fa Somers

Fa Somers is an Amsterdam-based independent photographer.

Fa Somers’ works are all shot on film, capturing singular moments of the places and faces she’s encountered on her journey. Her photos are untouched, maintaining the rawness of analog photography. They seek to encapsulate the spirit and energy of each location, no matter where they are in the world.

Frauke Schyroki

Frauke Schyroki is a Berlin-based artist and illustrator.

Her inspiration comes primarily from architecture and interior design. Most of her illustrations are a tribute to the work of designers and architects particularly from the mid-century modern and postmodern era. Her style is not only simple and naive but also with attention to detail. By using bold colors as well as quirky forms, Frauke aims to create joyful and playful settings.

Johanna Seidel

Johanna Seidel is a Dresden-based visual artist.

Johanna's work deals with the nature of perceived realities. She approaches these by means of a poetic visual language, in which symbols from history, mythology and dreams mix with the everyday and the personal. Her series of four works show a scene at sunset, which is common in many of her works. 'It's a Secret' is the most recent of the selected works and shows figures sitting in a tree above a body of water.

Sara Hoque

Sara Hoque is a London-based visual artist. Sara's practice aims to capture a sense of awe and wonder through abstract landscapes of saturated colours and dream-like imagery.

The artist combines acrylic paint and collage with digital elements; which are manipulated to create visually appealing compositions with loose, abstract narratives. She then blurs the lines between reality and dreams by mixing familiar imagery with vivid colours and unbounded forms. These surreal elements demand attention and transport you to other worldly places.

Tara Nehme

Tara Nehme is an Amsterdam-based independent photographer.

From dreamlike landscapes to urban wonders, photography that portray the tender interplay between natural formations and the contemporary world. Frequently taken from a distance, in an almost voyeuristic perspective, the photographer separates herself from the scene only to capture the most natural of moments.

Daniel Samama

Daniel Samama is an Amsterdam-based independent art director and designer.

Daniel has always been fascinated by semi-autonomous processes, like feedback, decay, noise and other forms of controlled chaos. "Most of the time I'm just setting boundaries for chaos to mold around my ideas. The results are detailed, textural works with a digital yet analog feel, blending techniques like creative coding, video art, generative art, illustration and photography". - Daniel Samama.


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