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Six tips on buying art for someone else

There’s really no better gift than the gift of beautiful artwork. Be it for a friend’s birthday, wedding, an anniversary. Art is the perfect gift for any occasion, albeit art is also very subjective. We’ve put together this fool proof guide for you when buying art as a gift. 

1- Put your own taste aside

Even if you think you have great taste, not everybody has the same taste so you really need to take a step back here and think of the person at a distance. Pick up the little things, the colors they mostly wear, the holiday destinations they select etc.. It could be something sentimental or meaningful from a conversation you have had.

2- How did they decorate their home? 

What would you say is the style they chose for their home: minimalistic, vintage/retro, mid-century? That is usually a tell-tale sign of what kind of artworks they would gravitate towards. A good place to start is thinking about the color palettes they have selected and taking it from there. 

3- Keep it small(ish)!

Although you might be tempted to go all-in you also don’t want to end up with a huge imposing art piece that overwhelms their home. Keep it mid-sized so they can have the flexibility to choose where to place the artwork. 

4- Are you buying for a couple?

This makes things much easier. Select something that signifies love, togetherness while saying something about human connection and belonging. PS. This doesn’t have to be cheesy!
You can actually be quite witty about this and find an artwork with two figures that indirectly refers to the couple. 

5- Trust your first instincts

Eight of ten times you might be right. If you’re browsing for an artwork and you immediately think of that person there’s a reason for that! Some people are better at shopping for others than themselves because you can be much more decisive in that scenario. 3,2,1 go for it.  

6- Buy a gift voucher

If you have not found that “eureka” piece then maybe it would be easier to send them a gift voucher and have them select their favorite artwork. It’s still meaningful because that artwork 


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