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Q&A with Sharon Jane

Inspired by people, palettes and places, Sharon Jane's work expresses the beauty and light of everyday life and the visualization of ideas through images, frameworks or motion. Anchored in an instinctive drive to build sustainable connections through visual language, her work is both raw and authentic.

Current Q&A with Sharon Jane

1- Cat or dogs?
Cruel, I love both!

2- Morning person or night owl?
The early mornings, to set the tone, the nights for creative flow.

3- The best moment you captured?
The sunset moment at Es Vedra. It’s probably one of the most energetic, magnetic and most photographed spots on planet earth. Being able to capture the calm on the edge of a cliff,  in a place where an immense amount of people were taking selfies was definitely an experience I will not forget. 

4- A time where you wish you had your camera?
The first time I travelled to Surinam, as a 9 year old kid. I spent a night in the mountains with my family, surrounded by waterfalls. I woke up before the sun came up. The sunrise was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I wish I could have captured that.

5- Best advice you got as a photographer?
Always remember to enjoy the moments, create, share, learn.
Always shoot your photos in raw, focus and play.

6- Dinner date with anyone dead or alive? And why?
I’d love a dinner date with the oldest person alive, simply to take notes. Haha!

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