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Q&A with Daniel Samama

We love a light hearted Q&A to get better acquainted with our Current Artists. 

Daniel Samama is an Amsterdam-based independent art director and designer. Through his technique, he uses artificial intelligence to work on images that are both aesthetically pleasing and equally dystopian.

"Creativity is a muscle, not a gift." 

Get to know more about Daniel as he answers the following six questions with top of mind answers only: 

1- Cats or dogs?
2- Morning person or night owl?
Night owl by choice, but morning person by popular demand of my kids.
3- The best moment you captured?
I have a soft spot for reflections and refractions of sunlight on walls or the floor. I just have to capture it when I see it. It's super mundane but so beautiful.
4- How do you inspiration after a creativity block?
Just absorb the world. Watch movies, go to museums, read books, take walks. Half of the work is feeding your brain and trusting things will come together. Also, if you're not making Art, just work on technique. Learn something new. Inspiration will follow.
5- Best advice you got as an artist?
Creativity is a muscle, not a gift. 
6- Dinner date with anyone dead or alive? And why?
My future grandkids when they are ninety, probably somewhere halfway the 22nd century. Super anxious to hear what kind of world they'll be living in.


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