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Pro tips on choosing the best artwork for your space

To bust a common myth: buying art for your bedroom is not the same as buying art for your office space. Each space evokes a different side to you and art is a great way to reflect that. 

We have put together a little guide for you to best select the right art piece for each space in your home and office. As a rule of thumb, artwork is one of the key ways to show your own personality, that’s why it’s always important to buy something that you love. 

Art for the Living Room

This is where you spend most of your time, where you host guests and where you just chill out after a long day. Because this is one of the most “public facing” rooms in your home this is probably the most difficult to master. Choosing the right piece can be a great conversation starter, as well as setting the right vibe in your home. We love the look of a large horizontal piece right above the sofa, simple enough and creates a backdrop to a key area. Alternatively, gallery walls are a great way to set a complete vibe without committing to just one piece. Depending on your space, a nice composition of 5-10 pieces of different sizes will add the perfect amount of playfulness. 

Art for the Bedroom

This is our favorite place to select art for as you undermine how long you will stare at a well positioned artwork in your bedroom. The bedroom is a sanctuary, a place for relaxation and that vibe should determine the aura of your selected piece. We like to position artwork right above the bed as well as facing the bed if that is a possibility. The two works can be part of the same series or by the same artist in order not to overwhelm the space. Keep an eye out for artworks with soothing color tones, photography of landscapes or nature is always a good idea. 

Art for the Kitchen

Often overlooked, art for the kitchen is actually a very important element in your home. 

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where everyone comes together for a nice warm meal. In this space we like to go for smaller artworks, either hanging low or leaning against a countertop or a little shelf. Food inspired artworks are right at home over here! 

Art for the Office

Now we leave our cosy quarters, not that offices shouldn’t be cosy! Art selected here could either be for your home office or your office away from home. For this space we love the idea of building a minimalist shelf where you can lean a few artworks side by side, even layer them. Themes for the office could be abstract art pieces paired with photography of the sea or mountains. Tell a story with the artworks and let them inspire you! 


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