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Maximising your Tiny Apartment

Have a tiny apartment? Here are a few tips on how to maximise your space for art.

We’re based in Amsterdam and one thing to note about this city is that people make the most of their small apartments. Little accents here and there and creating nooks of cosiness is what makes the styling here so unique. There’s even a word dedicated to all things cosy here and it's “Gezellig”, encompassing all things that warm your heart. 

Here we have taken some tips and tricks out of the Dutch tiny home culture that you can adapt just about anywhere: 

1- Go Vertical

With almost everything, you can find a way to create more space by storing everything vertically from cupboards to high tables. Art in portrait orientation creates a feel of more ceiling height and more space than landscape orientation artworks.  

2- Create Thematic Zones

A great way to make your small apartment feel more enticing is creating specific themed zones inside it. The obvious way to make this separation is dividing each space by its function i.e. eating, sleeping, etc However you can take this a step further by using art as a zone separator. Reinforce your zones of comfort, such as a reading nook with a relaxing zen art piece. Make your kitchen a bit more conversational with a fun, playful art piece and so on.

3- Indirect Lighting 

The magic of indirect lighting to define spaces has been mastered by the Dutch. Light up your artworks in different ways around the house, with the use of small side lamps, light embedded in plants, and of course candles! With significantly more cloudy than sunny days in the Netherlands per year it’s super important to make your home the ultimate cocoon of comfort. 





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