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Is Digital Art Real Art?

As the world rapidly to move towards technology in every part of our lives, many of us question new artistic forms that are created in an untraditional manner. A question that comes up a lot in conversation is, is digital art real art?

The answer is certainly yes, digital art is simply another medium choice. Today's paint brush just so happens to be an apple pencil- however the creator is still there and that's what matters. Art comes from a place of needing to create, the medium or method can be via painting, drawing, sculpting, photography or performative arts. Each medium is legitimate in its own way. 

When it comes to digital art on Current Art, we work alongside artists who are exploring new forms of art such as coded illustrations by Daniel Samama who uses a semi-autonomous process to create new configurations from existing photographs using computer code. 

Digital Collages by Sarah Hoque
Layout of digital collages by Sara Hoque.

Digital Collages are also thoroughly explored on Current Art. What are Digital Collages? In a straightforward way, Digital Collages are a form of graphic art that uses images from different sources, like regular collaging, pieced and layered together through computer programs, into one final assembled image.


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