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Spruce up your office

You easily spend eight hours a day here, why does it look like a dungeon? 

It’s time to spruce up your working quarters! Work from an office or work from home here are the top ways to make your surroundings a lot more inspiring. 


1- Home office

The challenge of a home office is setting the boundary where your home ends and your office begins. This can easily be done with the right art curation transforming the space into an inspiring enclave where you feel invigorated to work. Here we suggest a series of digital collages that play on nature’s absurdities. 


2- Cubicle/open plan office

With a more “public” type working environment your choice of artwork can be a real conversation piece. We recommend small sized framed print with a splash of color to brighten up your day and those around you. 


3- Private office 

Here’s where your artwork can really shine! Choose a large piece right above your desk for that empowering backdrop to all your meetings. We also recommend an artwork with a lot of depth/vast nature facing your space that you can ease your eyes into after looking at your screen for too long! 




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